This is Garvin Onaba, CEO/MD of Eland House Management Group and a Member of the BNI Sunrise chapter

Meet Garvin Onaba, CEO/MD of Eland House Management Group, a member of the BNI Sunrise chapter. Eland House Management Group provides business development and advisory services as part of a team that delivers business support to small, medium and large businesses.

Eland House Management Group (a.k.a. EHMG) founded by Garvin Onaba, and legally registered in April 2017, is an entity whose primary purpose is to provide quality, tailored and timely business development and advisory services to growth-minded small and medium enterprises in Uganda, improving their performance, competitiveness and long-term financial sustainability. By accomplishing the above, EHMG aspires to contribute to increasing the survivability of SMEs in Uganda and contributing to the United Nations 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Garvin has 35+ years professional international business experience across multiple industries, organizations and job types in both the “for-profit” and “non-profit” spaces. Through EHMG, Garvin also has experience in providing technical business planning assistance to SMEs in Uganda. Garvin is also a seasoned and Certified Strategy Management Professional (Strategic Management Professional [SMP] and Balanced Scorecard Master Professional [BSMP]) whose most recent “corporate” experience was 7+ years at the Bank of Uganda where he participated in the development and implementation of two (2) 5-year strategic plans.

Away from work, Garvin is an avid golfer, a tree farmer, a sometime agricultural farmer, wowed by sunrises and sunsets, a member of Business Network International, a Rotarian, and enjoys travel, both local and international.